1. Buy your cat a wheelchair


The inability to move around or participate in daily activities is the thing that most affects a cat who is disabled. But, the advancement of technology has provided us with the possibility of fitting cats with front and rear wheelchairs that can restore his mobility. You may think that it’s not an effective way to boost your spirits. Trust us, he doesn’t recognize what the difference is! The great thing about cats (and any animal in general) is the fact that they live their living their lives with a constant curiosity and simple. They don’t really care what they do whenthey chase mice so long as they’re capable of doing so!

2. Look into alternative medicines

The most challenging aspect for your cat who is disabled (and you) is managing any discomfort or pain. If you think about this, your brain probably immediately thinks of the expense of vet expenses. But the reality is that there are a lot of natural cures for treatment of pain resulting from impairments in cats. They can be as simple as CBD oil or essential oils, physical therapy or acupuncture (particularly for problems like intervertebral disc problems that can lead to the loss of function in the rear leg).

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