1.Thunderstorms and Fireworks


Lauren Demos, president of American Association of Feline Practitioners, said that cats should be alert for sudden changes in pressure and unexpected loud noises. “They can alert cats to impending situations, which may force them to flee or fight.”

According to Dr. Bruce Kornreich (associate director of Cornell Feline Health Center in Ithaca), a cat’s response to sudden and loud noises is an evolutionary reaction. Although humans can be startled by noises, it is not something that will harm us. Kornreich states that cats may associate loud noises with unpleasant experiences. Sometimes, their reactions are not logical.

You can’t stop all noises, but you can plan for certain situations like fireworks or thunderstorms. Adi Hovav from the ASPCA Adoption Center in New York, says that it is a good idea to confine your cat to a place where she feels safe and secure. “But, if your cat has already found a hiding place, you might consider moving her there. She may feel more stressed if she is moved to another area.” Hovav says that if your cat does find a “sanctuary”, make sure she has access to a litter box .

It may also be helpful to use a white noise machine to drown out the sound. Hovav suggests that you offer your cat some gentle attention, such as treats or gentle petting. “Not all cats will be comfortable being held if they’re stressed or scared. So don’t force them to accept this kind of attention.

Cat calming products such as compression shirts for cats, can also be useful for short periods of time.


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