10 Most Aggressive Dog Breed: You Can’t Believe The 10th One

It’s easy convincing yourself that the cute ball at the pet store is the ideal dog for you and your family or that the large dog in the shelter is not to be feared However, it’s important to study the breed you’re thinking of before deciding to adopt. Certain breeds can be more aggressive and might not be the right option for timid homeowners or families with children.

Any breed of dog is likely to exhibit aggressive behavior however there are specific dogs of the following breeds which can be great pets when they are kept by people who will put in time and effort into intensive training and set strict regulations and guidelines. Before you adopt a dog from any breed think about whether you are able to provide the required control and education.

Here’s a list 10 breeds of dog that are often called aggressive:


Rottweilers can be loving and affectionate family dogs as well as guardians with a strong personality, based on their breed. Their massive, slender body can be as heavy as 150 pounds and they naturally possess territorial and protective, which can be investigated. But, with the help of a committed owner, Rottweilers are able to be adjusted and trained to be gentle pets for the family.

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