10 Things You Might Do That Stresses Your Dog

As human beings, we’re trained to talk about stress. In reality, most of us deal with stress on a regular basis. As odd as it might sound it is true that dogs also suffer from stress. Stressed dogs will exhibit numerous signs like aggression or lack of interest, behavior changes, or repetitive behavior. It’s possible that how we handle these symptoms is what’s creating problems in the initial place.Even when you weren’t intending to be rude to your dog.

This is the reason it’s crucial to understand the impact of stress on the dog. Because we understand that you would like the best for your dog friend, Dog Worlddecided to conduct some investigation to find out more about the best ways to handle stress and not do in the case of anxiety and canines. Don’t overlook to read our bonus information at the bottom of this article.

1. Leaving them alone for a long time

The anxiety of separation (or stress) is very common among puppies who have never been left on their own prior to. Separation anxiety can affect very old dogs too, as they are unable to look after themselves. When you leave or come back to your home, it can manifest as constant barking, destructive behaviour, or howling. Certain dogs might poop or pee in the home.

It’s not recommended to leave your pet unattended for longer than 6-8 hours in a row until they’ve become accustomed to it. Before leaving for a walk, secure the windows and doors to stop escape. Also, make sure that they’re hydrated as well as food, and also leave toys for them to use. Also, you should not interact with the dog for around 20 minutes prior to departing. When you get back you should do the same do not greet or pet your dog till they’ve calmed down. This way, you can spend time together.

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