10 Tips for New Cat Owners

Important Information You Need to be aware of before bringing a cat to your home

Cats are wonderful pets. They are not just beautiful. nice, they also deter mice and even have motors built in. That’s pretty cool.

However, there’s more to having cats than being a soft, cute furry companion. Before you buy one there are a few things to think about and some items that are simply useful to be aware of.

PetMD provides 10 tips to pet owners:

1. Cats are self-sufficient however, they’re not equipped to care for themselves. Before you decide to adopt, be sure that your life can accommodate a cat. How busy you are as well as the amount of time you’ll spend in your home will affect the type of cat you’ll need The very busy might find it difficult to make time to take care of a cat who requires a lot of attention and grooming particularly the extremely active and intelligent cats. However, there are some cats that are suitable for working. Do your research.

2. What happens if your situation changes following the adoption? Perhaps you work for long hours but still need someone who is friendly to greet you upon entering the building when you are done with your day? Making a friend for your cats to have fun with may be a great solution.

3. Are you suffering from any allergies? If you are suffering from extreme allergic reactions, think about testing yourself for allergies to cats prior to taking a cat home. There are also instances when allergy sufferers may be able to be able to adapt to their pet however, they may be allergic to cats of other breeds. It is advisable to select a cat that has less allergens. Check with your veterinarian, books or the animal shelter staff for recommendations.

4. When you take your pet home, bring it for a health checkup and vaccinations. Also, make it a point to schedule it to have its neutered as quickly as it is old enough. This could be what the world to a happy, healthy cat and a miserable cat who is trying to get through the window or spray your furniture.

5. Find a high-quality litter box for your cat and a high-quality feline litter. A litter box that is enclosed can give both cat and owner privacyand can be easier to keep. Make sure the litter box is clean for the sake of the cat and for your nose. Also, ensure that you purchase a balanced, well-balanced and appropriate food to feed your pet. Consult your veterinarian, people at the local pet store or take a glance at ” Smart Shopping for Cat Food” to get some suggestions.

6. Cats love playing. Toy mice, strings, feathers as well as empty boxes provide great entertainment. The toys you choose to play with don’t have to be expensive (they can be even made from scratch) Just make sure you have enough toys for your pet to be content active and mentally stimulated.

7. You don’t wish to see to see your sofa to fall apart or your latest Louis Vuitton bag ruined, consider investing in a scratching board.

8. Catnip, as well as those small freeze-dried cat treats are fantastic methods for cat bribery as well as training.

9. Get pet insurance. We’re hoping you don’t need it, but as they advise, “It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

10. If you’re adopting a kitten getting home, make sure you start your grooming routine as early as possible. Brushing, bathing and trimming claws can be an occasion that you look forward to, instead of something you’ll be dreading.

So there you are. These are only some of the points to consider when you’re looking to purchase an animal companion. Another thing to consider: Cats often live for about 20 years, which means that you and your cat companion will be in the same place for an extended period of time.

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