4. Pretending to throw the ball


There is nothing that make your dog more happy more than playing with you. The act of playing together can strengthen the bond between you and your dog. There are a variety of games that are just fun for humans. Like playing the role of throwing the ball to your dog to catch, while keeping it hidden behind your back. At first, your dog will be excited to get the ball. If you continue repeating the same action, the dog could become anxious and confused. This will clearly never be fun for them. This will eventually lead your pet to quit trusting your.

The research has revealed that the act of playing with your pet decreases the levels of cortisol in them. Cortisol by the way is the hormone that regulates stress. Don’t play tricks on your pet. Have fun with your puppy, throw the ball and let the dog to take it back. Also, you should show them different techniques like pawing in this time.

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