5.Dogs, Predatory Animals, and Other Cats


According to Dr. Elyse, who owns Elite Cat Care in Los Angeles, dogs are the most anxiety-provoking sounds and smells for cats. It’s why I kept a cat-only clinic for so long.

Kent places the smell of urine from other cats second. “Cats communicate by smell. It’s almost as if a cat smells the urine of another cat.

Kitty can be put at risk by the smells of dogs and predatory cats. Demos says that many of these smells are likely to be pheromones. These chemical messengers cat detects through a special organ called the vomeronasal.

She explains that cats are both predatory and prey. “Their nervous systems have evolved to provide a physiological stress response in situations that may require them to take self-preservation measures.”

Demos suggests that cats with a sensitive nose may seek out a cat-friendly veterinarian or AAFP-certified Cat Friendly Practice. This will help reduce stress and anxiety.

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