5. Exposing them to very loud sounds


People who are constantly exposed to very loud sounds, including the high pitch, loud music fireworks, traffic noise and horns, as well as similar sounds, may be stressed. This is also true for dogs. However, the only distinction is they don’t have any clue what the source of the noise comes from. In the end, they feel terrified and their heart rate increases and anxiety levels increase. Imagine hearing sounds and not knowing the source of their origin!

To prevent them from becoming stressed, it’s essential to provide your pet with some peace and quiet when they’re feeling stressed. Most likely, they will choose the spot the dog is attracted to such as beneath the table or under the bed, or in a big box. Do not attempt to take the pet out of their secure area. Let them relax and leave in their own way. Reduce their reaction to noises to the maximum extent possible If feasible, play some gentle music to the background.

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