7. Hugging them too much or touching their face


The display of emotions is generally human. Dogs aren’t able to comprehend their emotions in the same manner that we do. In fact, when we become too affectionate with them they show indications of anxiety, pain or anxiety. Also, they do not like being touched or having their faces being touched or loved. If they see an arm falling, they could easily think that they are going to be punished.

If you observe that when you try to hug them tight or attempt to kiss the sides of their face, they shake and drop their ears. They glance away, grunt or get up and walk away They clearly do not need this kind of treatment. This isn’t a characteristic that every dog has. Certain dogs love being petted and will even request it. If you observe indications in the opposite direction. It is best to put your hands on the top of their muzzle, and wait for them you in a calm and slow manner.

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