8 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Cat

These are the Things You Should Never Do to Your Cat

Even the most dedicated cat parent can let Kitty go and forget about the cats. Even the simplest oversight can have huge consequences for your cat’s health and quality of living. These are 8 things that you should never do to your cat.

Editors’ Note: This slideshow, “8 Things You Should Never Do To Your Cat”, was not intended to be a comprehensive guide to cat care but to remind cat owners of the daily interactions they have with their cats.

We wanted cat owners to be able to improve those common, often overlooked instances by providing suggestions from experts. Although We doesn’t recommend declawing, it was excluded from this list because it was considered an extreme measure that didn’t fit in with our original idea for this article. Many of our social media readers requested that we provide a detailed treatment on this topic. We will deliver one in the next few weeks. We are grateful for your passionate and heartfelt comments. We are grateful for your kindness and we ask you to show it on one another.


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