8. Using different words for the same kind of behavior


It’s natural to speak to your pet as if they comprehend everything you’re saying. But, try to use the same word for each order: down, come on, stay, sit, come here, and so on, and try to leave all synonyms aside. Your pet doesn’t realize that you’re trying to mean the same thing by saying “Bring this to me” and “Go get that.” This means that when you use different words, the dog will get confused because it will see that you want them to do something, but don’t know what it is.

When you give them an order, make sure you control your tone of voice. Take note of your body language as well. Visual stimuli will elicit a much better response from your dog— You can communicate with them by pointing at objects or snapping your fingers. Consider how you can benefit from repetition. Dogs adore a routine, so it’s normal to spend a few minutes a day reviewing what you’ve taught them before.

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