Bonus: If you’re stressed, your dog gets stressed too.


The study discovered that dogs mirror the moods and feelings of the owners. If you’re under stress, you are most likely to turn into your dog’s companion. To establish this, researchers assessed the level of cortisol (stress hormone) in the owners as well as the animals in the study. They concluded that in both cases the results were similar the cortisol levels of people with high levels had similar dog levels, while those who had low cortisol levels had lower levels of cortisol.

These findings demonstrate the strength of the bond between pet owners and their pets. They also help raise awareness of the need to improve take care of the wellbeing of dogs. First, we must be concerned about our own wellbeing. So, if you discover that your pet’s behavior is unusually, you might want to consider what your feelings are and then find ways to unwind. In the end, you can keep enjoying your relationship.

What else do we typically do that cause our dog to feel anxious? What can you do to help your dog feel better? Be sure to remember that if you have doubts or questions about your pet’s health, you should to visit a vet.

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