3.Strong Scents

Peppermint may be a stimulating scent for us, but it can also be overwhelming for our cats. Learn, a behavior medicine specialist, says that a cat’s senses of smell are 14 times stronger than if they were human. At birth, cats have a strong sense of smell. By adulthood, it surpasses ours.

Although no one knows why cats are sensitive, Learn believes that it is possible. She says that cats must eat meat. There is no need for cats to eat carbohydrates or citrus. Their sense of smell allows them to hunt and leads them towards the food they desire.

Kitty has a strong sense of smell so it could be that the scent is too overwhelming. Learn says, “Sweetness of the juice, bitterness from aroma and bitterness in the peel all mixed together…I know that I would get headaches.”

Some citrus can even be toxic, she warns. Before your cat decides to eat some citrus fruit, make sure you have checked that it is safe. According to the ASPCA, though the orange fruit is edible, its skin and plant material could cause problems.

Non-food items should also be avoided. Hovav suggests that you avoid using citrus-scented cleaners and sprays on your pets’ bedding, food bowls, or litter boxes.

You can reduce stress for your cat if a particular scent is not possible to avoid. Demos states that strong smells can be minimized by going outside to reduce indoor pollution.



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